Ms. Wright's Classroom



We will learn to become fluenreaders and writers! We will learn to conducCLOSE reads of both fiction and  non-fiction texts in order to support our responses evidence from the text.

This year we will ...

  • read to understand key details in a text (RL.2.1 + RI.2.1)
  • describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges (RL.2.3)
  • summarize stories, using effective transitional wording (RL.2.5)
  • compare and contrast two or more versions of the story (RL.2.9)
  • determine the main idea of a non-fiction text and support it with evidence from the text ( RI.2.2)
  • determine the meaning of unknown words (RI.2.4)
  • write opinion pieces (W.2.1)
  • write informative pieces (W.2.2)
  • write narratives (W.2.3)
  • participate in shared research and writing projects (W.2.7)
  • participate in collaborative conversations about different texts (Sl.2.1)
  • use complete sentences to express ourselves (SL.2.6)
  • use correct writing conventions when writing and speaking (L.2.2)

During reading, will begin our year by CLOSEly reading the following texts:

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon 

by Patti Lovell


Molly Lou Melon is short and clumsy and has buckteeth and a voice that sounds like a bullfrog being squeezed by a boa constrictor. But armed with the encouraging words of her grandmother, Molly Lou confidently confronts the class bully at her new school. A not-to-be missed story for the less-than-perfect part of everyone!

Have Fun Molly Lou Melon

by Patti Lovell


Molly Lou Melon's grandma taught her to be happy with herself no matter what, but  that's not all she learned. Molly Lou heard all about how her grandma didn't have fancy store-bought toys when she was little. She made dolls out of twigs and flowers and created her own fun in her backyard.
So Molly Lou does just that, proving that the best thing to play with is a huge imagination!

Salt In His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream

by  Deloris and  Roslyn M. Jordan


The mere mention of the name conjures up visions of basketball played at its absolute best. But as a child, Michael almost gave up on his hoop dreams, all because he feared he'd never grow tall enough to play the game that would one day make him famous. That's when his mother and father stepped in and shared the invaluable lesson of what really goes into the making of a champion -- patience, determination, and hard work!

Across the Alley

by Richard Michelson

Abe and Willie live across the alley from each other. Willie is black and Abe is Jewish, and during the day, they don't talk. But at night they open their windows and are best friends. Willie shows Abe how to throw a real big-league slider, and Abe gives Willie his violin to try out. Then one night, Abe's grandfather catches them—will Abe and Willie have the courage to cross the alley and reveal their friendship during the day?

The Woman Who Outshone the Sun

by Alejandro Cruz Marinez  


Beautiful Lucia mysteriously arrives in a village in the mountains near a flowing river. All of the wildlife and animals are drawn to her, but the villagers fear her supernatural powers. The villagers decide to drive Lucia from the mountains, but the river follows her, leaving barren land behind. What can the villagers do to get back their only water supply? Olivera's appealing and colorful paintings enhance this powerful folktale.

During writing, we will begin our year by developing opinion pieces.

We will use the OREO strategy to focus our opinion writing pieces.

O: State you OPINION.

R: State a REASON for your opinion

E: State at least two pieces of EVIDENCE that support your reason.

O: Restate your OPINION.